Financial Planning Spreadsheet

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This simple finance planning Excel spreadsheet will help you record all your income and expenses so you can plan and track money coming in and money going out.

Especially useful when unexpected bills and expenses arise, it acts as a tool to help you keep on top of your finances; and with both a fortnightly and 12-month money planner, you will always know where you stand financially. 

Start by entering your fortnightly income, including rebates, allowances and Centerlink payments.

Then input your fortnightly expenses, including rent and utility bills. There are also fields that allow you to input medical expenses, education fees, transport costs and debt repayments, as well as living expenses like entertainment, clothing, holidays, gym memberships and food.

Although it may be difficult to calculate specific amounts for these fields, input rough estimates and you can fine-tune these as you get a better understanding of how much money you have.

The spreadsheet is simple to use and will automatically calculate totals, allowing you to quickly see how much money you have remaining for savings.

If your expenses are greater than your income you should look at ways of cutting back on what you spend or ask BGF for financial advice.

BGF’s bespoke financial services handbookYour Finances, Your Way can be obtained from the BGF office or can be downloaded here.