What We Do

What We Do, Why, and How

At Bobby Goldsmith Foundation, we aim to empower people living with HIV to live well.

BGF is a statewide service for NSW where more than 10,500 PLHIV reside, many of whom may need us at some time in their lives. BGF is inclusive and accessible for men, women, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, and people from migrant and refugee communities.

We know that HIV infections have increased, that PLHIV are aging and that there are more people living with HIV than at any other time. We also know HIV medications are much improved and that medication adherence leads to reduced hospital stays and better health outcomes.

Our work is often a bridge to complementary services, support and information on HIV, which we know leads to better health. For many people, we are the only contact they have outside their primary medical care.

This is at the heart of our strategy, our services and our people.

Our Wellness and Support Model aims at ensuring PLHIV are supported and encouraged to have their say when it comes to their needs being met and how they want to live their lives.