Referrals and Service Coordination

Referrals and Service Coordinator


Some people may need assistance with their referral to BGF from a support worker, such as a social worker, nurse, carer or community support worker. If you are assisting someone with their referral please ensure that they have all necessary supporting documentation before sending in the referral form. This means that the intake process can happen quickly and we can start providing support the same week as the intake appointment. If you want to know more about how to refer clients, and our eligibility requirements click here.

All clients receiving assistance with medications must be registered with the Medicare PBS safety net. This means that all medications are free once they reach the safety net limit. More information about this can be found here: PBS Safety Net.


Service Coordination

BGF’s Caseworkers are a highly skilled and diverse group of practitioners who work closely with PLHIV. Applying case management principles, caseworkers determine the type, level and duration of support required for each of their clients, which may include development of money plans, links and referrals to other services, enrolment in workshops, and financial assistance.

Service Coordination supports PLHIV with complex needs to navigate clinical and community services, short-term accommodation, longer-term housing, legal, mental health and AOD services.


  • Registered BGF client
  • Referral from relevant clinical and community services