Take Control of Your Health

Having HIV doesn’t mean that your life is over, far from it!

This course is designed to help people with HIV explore healthy ways to live the best life possible.

With proper treatment, HIV has become a chronic health condition similar to diabetes or heart disease.  This is a big step forward but having HIV can complicate your life.
The Bobby Goldsmith Foundation offers Positive Self-Management Program (PSMP) workshops for People Living With HIV.

These highly interactive workshops are designed to provide the tools for people to learn how to take control of, and better manage their chronic but manageable health conditions.

Workshops are held each week over a six week program. Each 2 ½ hour session builds on the previous week's content and is facilitated by two trained leaders, at least one of whom is living with HIV.

Content topics include:

  • medication adherence
  • acknowledging frustration, fear, fatigue and pain
  • importance of exercise
  • communication with health professionals
  • skills to evaluate symptoms and treatments
  • improving nutrition and energy levels
  • sex,intimacy and disclosure
  • setting weekly goals

"I've had HIV for 26 years and I've done many other programs to learn how to manage and deal with all aspects of the disease. This program really does cover all the different facets of the impacts HIV has on someone's life." Paul Caleo

These peer led workshops are designed to complement other programs that specifically address HIV and other issues. They are not intended to conflict with or offer medical advice.

The Positive Self-Management Program is free of charge and is suitable for anyone living with HIV, either newly diagnosed or living long term. Participants are welcome to bring their partner or carer, who will also gain insight and benefit from the program. Course participants will receive a copy of the companion book Living Well with HIV & AIDS.

Bobby Goldsmith Foundation was the first organisation in Australia to receive accrediation from Stanford University, California to offer PSMP for people living with chronic diseases. After undergoing extensive training at Stanford's Palo Alto Campus, our staff were certified as Master Trainers and licensed to train other leaders to deliver the program.

We currently convene workshops at various locations throughout NSW.

If you think you could benefit from this program, or you know someone who might, please contact Richard on 02 9283 8666 or richard.kennedy@bgf.org.au.

Click here to watch Richard speak about the Taking Control of Your Health program. 


HIV Medication Adherence

Recent studies indicated that viral load increases drastically when adherence to HAART medication falls below 95%.

The reality of treatment adherence for the more marginalized PLHIV has been the subject of a research project undertaken with 300 of BGF’s clients with the most complex issues.

Key findings:

  • 75% of people with poor adherence are aged between 35 and 55
  • Aboriginal people are over-represented
  • Mental illness, social isolation, unstable housing and illicit drug use are key factors for poor adherence
  • BGF pays for the medication of 70% of our complex clients.
  • Of those people, almost 40% would stop taking their meds or only sometimes take their meds if BGF stopped paying.