Bequests and Wills

Your Legacy - Your Will Power

Ensure a healthier, happier future for those living with HIV

Leaving a Bequest in your Will 

A bequest is a gift you nominate to leave in your Will. Writing a Will is the only way that you can ensure that your assets and belongings go directly to the people you love and the causes you are passionate about.

If you have an existing Will and wish to include a bequest, you can add a codicil as an addition. Whether you are adding a codicil to your Will or writing a Will for the time, we recommend you consult a solicitor or the Public Trustee Office to assist you.

Types of Bequests

Residuary Bequest - This is the most effective way to leave a bequest to Bobby Goldsmith Foundation. Once you have provided for your loved ones, the remainder of your estate will become your gift. This is the best way to make sure your bequest is inflation-proof and that your legacy will mean as much in the future as it does now.

Percentage of Your Estate - You can nominate a percentage of your estate to Bobby Goldsmith Foundation. If your estate grows or depreciates over time, your family and friends, or other beneficiaries, will not be disadvantaged by fluctuations.

Pecuniary Bequest - You leave a specific sum of money to Bobby Goldsmith Foundation.

You can also leave particular items such as shares, paintings, or property in your Will.

Remembering Bobby Goldsmith Foundation in your Will?

By remembering Bobby Goldsmith Foundation in your Will, you will be leaving a gift that will help sustain vital services for people living with HIV, and for those who may one day receive a HIV positive diagnosis. A bequest is a life-line of support and one of the most effect ways you can help Bobby Goldsmith Foundation's many clients.

If you have chosen to remember Bobby Goldsmith Foundation in your Will, thank you.

Suggested Wording

To remember Bobby Goldsmith Foundation in your Will, we recommend:

"I give to Bobby Goldsmith Foundation, a company limited by guarantee, of PO Box 1444, Strawberry Hills NSW 2012 Australia: [the residue of my estate / % of my whole estate / % of the residue of my estate / the specific sum of $ / list specific items or property details ] to be used for its general purposes. The receipt of the secretary, treasurer, or other public officer for the time being said Foundation is an absolute discharge to my Executor."

Planning for the Future

If you do intend to leave a bequest to Bobby Goldsmith Foundation in your Will, please let us know by emailing or calling us on 02 9283 8666.