Planned Giving (Gifts in Wills)

Gone but not forgotten.  Before you make your final exit, consider leaving a legacy to BGF.

Whether you’d like to go out with a bang, or close the door quietly behind you, your bequest will be a promise for a better life for people living and growing older with HIV.

Following the death of Bobby Goldsmith, his friends established the important precedent of providing support and services for people living with HIV.  BGF is the legacy of that dedicated group of friends – a legacy born out of love, which will continue well into the future thanks to your bequest.

Whatever the amount, your bequest is a promise for a better life for people living and growing older with HIV.

How will my bequest be used?

Your generous donation will be the gift that keeps on giving:

Help provide a helping hand: our Community Support Services provide support to our clients in their own homes, ensuring they can maintain independent living.

Help get someone back on their feet: we providing financial assistance and counselling – it’s at the core of our support.  We work to alleviate the financial stresses our clients experience to help improve their quality of life.

Help give someone a voice: we work with local service providers across the HIV, housing, health and mental health sectors to help them understand the needs of people living with HIV.

How you can leave BGF a gift in your will

What our legal guys said to tell you…

To ensure that your assets and belongings go directly to the people you love and the causes you are passionate about, it’s a good idea to write a will.

A qualified solicitor can help you draw up your will and they can guide you through the complicated legal speak to ensure that your wishes are clear.

How you can leave BGF a bequest:

A bequest is a gift left in your will. You can leave a bequest by writing a new will, or by adding a codicil (an addition) to your existing will.

Typically, the types of bequest gift you might consider are:

  • Residuary gift: with this gift you leave a percentage of your estate, once you have provided for your loved ones.  A residuary gift will keep up with inflation.  It is a simple way to give a gift of real value.
  • Percentage of your estate: allows you to decide what percentage of your total estate you would like to give to BGF. If your estate grows or depreciates over time, your family and friends, or other beneficiaries, will not be disadvantaged by fluctuations.
  • Pecuniary gift: Simply put, this is a fixed sum of money, large or small, that you wish to leave to BGF.
  • Specific gift: a specific bequest is the gift of a particular item, and could include antiques, jewellery or paintings.

Suggested wording:

To remember Bobby Goldsmith Foundation in your will, we recommend:

"I give to Bobby Goldsmith Foundation, a company limited by guarantee, of PO Box 1444, Strawberry Hills NSW 2012 Australia: [the residue of my estate / % of my whole estate / % of the residue of my estate / the specific sum of $ / list specific items or property details ] to be used for its general purposes. The receipt of the secretary, treasurer, or other public officer for the time being said Foundation is an absolute discharge to my Executor."

Planning for the future

If you do intend to leave a bequest to BGF in your will, please let us know by emailing or calling us on 02 9283 8666.