A Volunteers Story

The Magic of Mabil-lee: A Volunteer’s Story

Mabil-lee Hayder has been a long-time volunteer for BGF and is also a great advocate for LGBTIQ issues in Australia.

“I was living in Darwin for about 25 years AND I always helped the young Gays and Lesbians that had no one to turn to. I adopted three teenagers for many years a

s they were still not open with their families. I became their parent and of course, their friend, who they could turn to at any time.”

“In those early years, Darwin had no support for the LGBTIQ community. There was just a few of us that cared for and helped one another.”

After Darwin, Mabil-lee moved to Europe for several years, eventually returning to Australia to work in a pub on Oxford Street. This is when she first became involved with BGF. 

“I can't pick a favourite BGF event, as they all give you that beautiful feeling– seeing so many gorgeous humans that are so happy to open their hearts and their pockets. I'm always overwhelmed every time.”

“People need to understand how far BGF has come. I've noticed myself the growth in so many different areas such as housing. Everyone has worked so hard towards this cause and so many of us have been there to support BGF at anytime, anywhere. We all believe in One Love!”

“My suggestion to volunteers who are considering helping BGF is that you'll have the most unbelievable and satisfying feeling after every event, and you'll meet so many gorgeous new friends. You have the opportunity to be part of so many great events, you learn new skills and have fun at the same time!”