Eat Well Live Well with HIV

Nutritious Results for BGF’s Eat Well Program


Eat Well, Live Well with HIV  is a  peer-facilitated ten-week practical program designed to teach cooking skills and build strategies to adopt a healthier and more nutritious diet. 

Started in 2015 in collaboration with the Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre (SHNC), workshops address a range of issues impacting on leading healthy lives for people living with HIV.
For instance, did you know that:
… HIV can cause depletion of naturally occurring vitamins from foods eaten?
… Food insecurity is linked to poor  medication adherence?
Eat Well, Live Well with HIV  helps people rise to the challenges of food insecurity, such as low income, physical mobility, access to transport, knowledge and skills, cooking facilities, homelessness, and mental health. 
The program’s success is evident in the feedback participants shared following the courses, including improvement in:
  • quality of life, sleeping, exercising
  • energy and social networks
  • being more in control of their HIV
  • confidence in coping with HIV
  • personal strategies for eating better
For further information, contact Richard Kennedy at BGF — (02) 9283 8666 or email