Making a Difference in SA

Update from South Australia

In the last issue of Positive News, we wrote about the new services BGF has started offering in South Australia.

We now have some exciting updates to share with you.

• BGF has welcomed 89 new clients in urgent need of care and support.

• Cooking classes have started in conjunction with SAMESH, PEACE and Centrecare. These courses promote healthy living, and teach PLHIV how to cook and prepare meals on a budget.

• A Positive Self-Management Program (PSMP) course starts on 12 September at the SAMESH office in Adelaide. This course will provide PLHIV with better skills to manage their health.

A big shout out goes to BGF’s Caseworker in South Australia, Jess Hodgetts. Your achievements to date have been a great success. Thank you.


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BGF are located in SA at the SAMESH office at 57 Hyde St, Adelaide. For all SA client enquiries, email: or telephone 0403 210 034.




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