Monthly Giving

Monthly Giving

Simple. Powerful. Effective. The simplest way to give. Friends helping friends. When Bobby Goldsmith got really sick and was unable to work or care for himself, a group of his friends got together to raise money for him. That’s why we call our regular givers Friends.

By becoming a regular giving Friend of BGF, you’ll be joining a group of passionate people who are helping rebuild lives.

Who are the Friends of BGF?
The Friends of BGF is a devoted group of over 250 donors of the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation. They actively support our work by making secure, automatic gifts every month directly through their credit card or bank account.

Join now and become a Friend of BGF today!

Are Friends different from other donors?
Yes, Friends receive special updates on our work, have a staff contact at BGF, save time and paper, and receive less mail.

They also enjoy a convenient tax slip listing all of their charitable gifts so they don’t have to keep track of each acknowledgement they might otherwise receive during the year. This puts more of your donations directly into our programs and provides stable, reliable support that BGF can count on.

How do I join?
It’s easy for you and easy for BGF. Simply use our online form to choose the amount you would like to donate each month and authorize your first payment.

You’ll notice on your credit card or bank statement that your donation is taking care of itself. Easy!

Take the next step to become a Friend. Rather sign up via telephone? Call us on (02) 9287 1120.

What if I need to change or cancel my monthly gift?
If you need to change your donation for any reason, simply email or call us on 02 9283 8666 and we will make any necessary adjustments right away.

Friends always remain in charge of their giving and they are the backbone of BGF.

Become a Friend of BGF today and you’ll be joining a community of BGF’s most devoted donors. We look forward to hearing from you.